A healthy diet is incredibly important to growing, active boys. Our lunch menu includes a choice of hot and cold dishes prepared daily from fresh ingredients by our expert chef. Eating healthily means providing boys with nutritious, fresh and home-cooked food that we know will be enjoyed and appreciated. The boys particularly enjoy trying out new dishes on theme days.

We take pride in using only fresh quality ingredients in our menus. No convenience or processed foods are used in our kitchen and no GMO foods, nuts or nut products in the production of our menus. Foods that contain artificial colourings and flavourings are also avoided.  We implement controls to ensure that only unsalted butter, low salt, low sugar baked beans and similar healthier products are purchased.

It is part of our responsibility to encourage the boys to eat a balanced diet by creating attractive menus and informing them how to eat healthily.

At Falcons, we promote good table manners and the importance of appreciating those who have provided the delicious lunches we enjoy.

Menus for the spring term