Life in Reception

Learning Environment:

Housed in the centre of the school with direct access onto a specially designed outdoor learning environment, boys in Reception will have access to a range of resources.

Our classrooms are bright, child-centred and well equipped giving teachers the freedom to adapt and change the learning environment as and when needed.

While based in their classroom with a specialist early years teacher and designated Teaching Assistant, the boys will also be given ample opportunities to explore their local area and make the most of our great location, opposite / on the boundary of Old Deer Park.

The Curriculum:

Boys in Reception will be looked after by their own specialist classroom teacher, the Head of Reception, and a designated Teacher Assistant. Boys will also have access to specialist teachers in Music, PE, Science and French.

Aged 4, boys start in Reception where they are gently introduced to the school routine, learning habits and values whilst following the Early Years Foundation stage.

Clad in overalls and wellies, the Reception curriculum will encourage innovation, exploration and investigation, supporting the boys to become independent learners ready to take on the Year 1 curriculum.

The boys first year at Falcons Prep will be exciting, active and diverse offering subjects and enrichment opportunities in a range of areas, including Music, Art, Drama, ICT, Science and Sport.

The boys will also have time to engage with pupils further up the school either run whole school events such as assemblies and house initiatives or during more focussed 1 to 1 session in reading.

Falcons boys are part of the school community as soon as they join the school and parents are kept well informed through a variety of channels.