Prep 7+


As children mature in their experience of schooling, we begin to equip them with the tools to help manage their own progress.

With each lesson, they know the learning objectives and are provided with ‘reflection time’ to determine whether they have met them. If they haven’t, they are given opportunities to ‘close the gaps’ by being able to revisit the content and concepts they found difficult the first time around.

These systems provide ‘safe’ parameters in which pupils feel empowered to try new ideas without fear of being measured against unfair and inappropriate standards. It means they can be freed from endless ‘chalk and talk’, encouraged instead to explore topics in new and exciting ways.

The Innovation Hub at Falcons plays host to many of these new approaches, and access to the Old Deer Park and Richmond Park gives our boys a rich outdoor environment to explore. Our proximity to central London also opens the door to a variety of educational trips that, as well as being enjoyable, help the boys to contextualise their learning.

Admissions process

Having registered by mid-October in the year prior to entry, boys are invited to attend a Taster Morning in November which includes an age-appropriate online reasoning assessment (InCAS) along with other fun activities and informal observations. A report from the boy’s current school is also carefully considered. Decision letters are then issued to parents before the Christmas break with acceptances required end of January/early February. From then on we keep in touch, involving you and your son in school events and giving you all the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the community. In June we will formally welcome you back for a ‘Moving On Up Day’ and an opportunity for you to meet more of the staff.

The School will endeavour to run the admissions process as stated above however, due to COVID, this may not be possible. Please be assured we have a strong assessment process which will be revised if necessary.

Falcons Preparatory School for Boys

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