Destination Schools


We are a true prep school in the sense that we are here to guide and support our boys as they progress onwards in their education. 

Moving to senior school is an important step, and one that must match a pupil’s ambition, ability and personality to ensure their ongoing happiness and success. 

We actively engage with families throughout the process to provide ongoing, detailed support, and we are proud to have achieved a 100% success rate in our Year 6 boys securing a place at their first-choice school for the start of the 2020/2021 academic year. 

The Pathway 

From as early as Year 3, we ensure the curriculum reflects the variety of assessments and exit points pupils can expect, providing them with the academic preparation and mental support they need on an ongoing basis. 

In Year 5, the more formal steps in the process begin, with Information Evenings by the Headmistress and Heads of Departments in English and Maths. This is followed by a 1:1 meeting with the Head to discuss initial thoughts and decisions. 

We then provide ongoing 1:1 feedback and support on school choices and suitability, with detailed information on how pupils are performing and the schools that will provide the best fit for them as an individual. This level of support continues right up until the point they leave us. 

The Process 

We are proud of the strong relationships we have with senior schools, and keep close links to stay abreast of any changes in the requirements for the various entry points both in London and further afield. 

For boys sitting 11+ examinations, the majority transfer to local independent schools at the end of Year 6. Boys continuing until 13 will most likely sit the ISEB Pre-entry Assessment in the November of Year 6 before completing the Common Entrance (CE) Syllabus in Year’s 7 and 8, however, a number of 13+ schools no longer require CE and ask for a Head’s report in Year 8. We provide full support for boys and parents in all aspects of the process, which includes information evenings, a Senior Schools Fair and 1:1 meetings. 

Whichever route a boy takes, we are dedicated to ensuring they find the right school – for who they are now and, crucially, for who they are going to be. We have years of experience in helping boys and their families successfully navigate this journey, and our guidance ensures they can take their next step filled with confidence and excitement. 

The Outcome 

We are one of the few Prep Schools to actively support both 11+ and 13+ exit routes. We strongly believe in providing our boys with the route they need in order to reach their potential and successfully continue their learning journey. Having this option reduces the stress and pressure on boys and families to find a school at the end of Year 6 and means that those not ready can wait until they enter the Upper School before considering their next school. Finding the right school for our boys is a priority and we take our role in this process seriously.   


Around 50% of our boys will complete the 11+ process and leave Falcons Prep at the end of Year 6. The majority of the boys will move on to a London day school; such as Kew House, Hampton, LatymerSt. James’, Kings Wimbledon, Harrodian, St. Benedicts and Fulham Senior to name but a few. 


At the end of Year 8 our boys leave us to move on to a range of very good senior schools. An increasing number of boys now access popular boarding schools such as Tonbridge, Epsom, Wellington and Charterhouse. Other popular schools at this stage include St. Paul’s, Westminster, Emanuel, Hampton, City of London, Eton and Wetherby Senior. Falcons Prep has an excellent record of accomplishment in gaining both academic, art, music and sport awards. 

The vast majority of the boys will have received an offer in Year 6 or 7 for entry to a senior school in Year 9. Increasingly many of the offers are unconditional with boys sitting exams in the June of Year 8. Some boarding schools still require certain Common Entrance Exams to be sat. 

Frequently Accessed Destination Schools & Scholarships

Destination Schools

Year 6 Destination Schools 2021

Falcons Prep – Richmond Stayers
11 boys

Hampton (2 boys)

Harrodian (2 boys) Emanuel School (1 boy)
Kew House (5 boys) St. Benedict’s (3 boys)
St John Lyon (1 boy) Ibstock (1 boy)
Ark Academy (1 boy)


Year 8 Destination Schools 2021

Eton (1 boy) Hampton (2 boys, including
Academic Scholarship)
Stowe (1 boy – Art Exhibition) Epsom College (3 boys)
Dulwich (1 boy) Fulham Senior (1 boy)
Emanuel (1 boy) St. James’ (2 boys)
St. Benedict’s (1 boy) St John Lyon (1 boy)
Shiplake (1 boy) Stowe (1 boy)
Harrodian (1 boy) Charterhouse (1 boy)