FEd Talks


Falcons Prep has a commitment to develop its community relations and links with the public with the introduction of Educational Forums.

These forums, entitled FEd Talks, welcome a variety of guest speakers throughout the year and provide an opportunity for the school to opens its doors to the local community. The majority of these talks are free of charge and detail on the next FEd Talk will be announced shortly.

October 2021

F1 Talk
On 13th October we were lucky enough to be visited by Falcons Parents, Mr & Mrs Le Fleming.
Mr Le Fleming spoke about his background in engineering and the various Formula 1 teams he has worked for over the years. Mrs Le Fleming discussed the commercial side of Formula 1 and gave us all some insights into sponsorship and marketing.

They shared with the boys an exciting presentation that touched upon speed, aerodynamics, braking systems and drivers to name just a few. It was full of riveting information and fast pace videos, to which the boys thoroughly enjoyed. The boys also got to look over the front wing of a F1 car, looking at the aerodynamics and weight distribution. A huge thank you to Mr & Mrs Le Fleming for taking time to come and visit the boys.