At Falcons, our responsibility is to help every boy reach their full potential. It starts with teaching, but it is achieved by nurturing a love of learning that will stay with them for life.

We give them the skills they need for today’s world as well as a world not yet known, and the mindset to manage whatever that future may bring. They are intellectually curious and they relish challenge; they are both self-directed and collaborative; they are thoughtful yet resilient; and they are artistically creative yet technologically confident. This is all achieved within a positive school community that values integrity, respect and kindness.

As a teaching staff, we feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with our boys and we are dedicated to guiding them onwards, ensuring the next step in their particular educational journey is the best possible choice for their future success and happiness.

The Five Falcons Learning Habits

Pupils at Falcons Prep identify with, embody and model the values and characteristics set out in our five learning habits (below). They are reflective, energetic and committed to growing and changing as a learner. They are critically curious, asking questions that get beneath the surface, and are able to think laterally, making connections across subjects and life contexts. They are creative and imaginative, resilient when faced with setbacks and they make the most of all the many learning opportunities they will be presented with in life.

  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Resilience
  • Reflection

Our learning philosophy

We embrace innovation within education and approach learning with a sense of adventure. Wherever possible, we use the curriculum to spark activities that will embed knowledge at a deeper level. This is reflected in our specialist learning facilities – flexible spaces that are designed to evoke curiosity and inspire debate and further exploration of topics. We have an appetite for researching new learning opportunities and the agility and skill to deliver them in ways that truly engage our pupils and expand their horizons.

Learning facilities

We have a fully equipped science lab, a professional art studio with kiln, an innovation hub stocked with technology, and soon, our own state of the art Music School. These facilities are led by subject-specialist staff, who provide an environment where individuals can be supported in following their passions and building on their strengths.

Teaching Staff

Our highly trained teaching staff provide boys with first-class teaching and learning support throughout their time with us.
All have teaching qualifications (Primary or Secondary PGCE) as well as relevant degrees for the subject specialist staff.
Subject-based learning is adopted by boys from Year 5 but specialist input, particularly in Art, Music, French, PE and Science, is provided to all pupils from Reception.