“Finding a suitable school for our 9 year old twin boys was the most important element of our relocation from Australia.  We started the search with no previous experience with the UK schooling system or existing relationships.  We were attracted to Falcons by their approach to balancing academic focus, the wellbeing of the boys and understanding each boy as an individual that became evident from our early interactions.  From the moment we arrived in London, our whole family has been welcomed by the school community.  Our boys have settled in well during their first term and really enjoy each day at Falcons.  The small class sizes have enabled our boys to make friends quickly and learn the school routine which is very different to what they have been used to.  The teaching group has been excellent – they have identified the differences between the Australian and UK curriculums and supported our boys to catch up to their peers in areas that were not covered in Australia, understood the learning habits of each of our boys, and have been very open with us regarding the boys’ early progress.  Our boys really enjoy the amount of time they have with the teachers, the variety in lessons and activities, the supportive atmosphere and the cafeteria!  As parents, we have already seen our boys develop and gain self-confidence from some amazing opportunities, challenges and excellent support they have received at Falcons.”

Falcons Prep Parent – 2020