Falcons’ Values

Ethos and Aims

We are strongly committed to offering a stimulating and balanced curriculum to all our pupils within a nurturing and supportive environment, in partnership with parents. We recognise that happy and engaged pupils learn well and we seek to develop well-rounded individuals who are confident and polite. We believe that every boy has individual strengths and we look to find and develop the talents of each pupil entrusted to us.

Academic excellence is at the heart of our school, supported by exceptional subject specialist teaching. We value all areas of the curriculum equally and are proud of our pastoral care programme. We value effort as much as achievement; we work hard to promote and sustain the conditions where both can be celebrated and boys make progress.

We welcome pupils of all cultures and backgrounds and nurture a community where safety, respect and trust are paramount. Our pupils leave us with not only strong friendships and a sense of responsibility to self and others, but also many happy memories and a range of skills. We share in both our triumphs and defeats and know how important it is to embrace both as learning opportunities. This enables our pupils to make sense of the world and know how to have a positive impact upon it.

School Aims

1. Teaching and Learning

  • puts the learning experience of the individual pupil at the heart of everything that we do
  • provides a stimulating learning environment to identify, embrace and implement new ideas
  • provides opportunities for independent learning to help develop individuals who think for themselves
  • puts in place effective measurement and monitoring strategies that will enable us to recognise progress made and each child’s strengths and abilities
  • creates a safe and positive environment that recognises effort and progress ensures that each pupil is suitably prepared for his senior school and life beyond

2. Co-curricular Programme

  • encourages and extend each pupil’s’ abilities and interests through the provision of an extensive range of intellectual and other pursuits
  • provides pupils with a breadth of extracurricular activities, encouraging participation and involvement at all levels of ability
  • creates opportunities for independent decision making.

3. Our Community 

  • provides a safe and nurturing environment in which pupils feel happy in their endeavours and their achievements, allowing them to play positive roles in the school community
  • provides support, training and extended opportunities for leadership roles and qualities amongst pupils and staff
  • encourages a genuine partnership between the pupils, their parents and the staff through regular communication and opportunities to meet

4. Our Core Values

  • promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.
  • develops the pupils’ moral and spiritual awareness and to encourage the pupils to support one another
  • creates a culturally diverse environment in which pupils can explore their understanding of themselves and the world
  • teaches all pupils ethical intelligence; to listen to the views of others; to be kind and forgiving of others’ faults and to accept the values of our community

Pupils work towards the school’s aims by:

  • trying their hardest in all areas of school life
  • being punctual, smart, courteous, well prepared and thoughtful
  • conducting themselves in line with the expected norms of good behaviour
  • adopting a responsible approach

Parents work towards the school aims by:

  • ensuring that the children attend school regularly, are well prepared and in good health
  • providing support for the systems of discipline and reward within the school
  • offering praise and encouragement to their pupils and taking an interest in all aspects of their school lives
  • participating openly and honestly in discussions concerning their son’s progress and attainment
  • ensuring early contact with the school to discuss matters that may affect his happiness, progress or behaviour
  • giving their children opportunities to take increasing levels of responsibility as they progress through the school