Falcons Prep Richmond achieves ‘Excellent’ in latest ISI Inspection


Falcons Prep Richmond is delighted to announce that it has achieved ‘Excellent’ – the highest possible grading – in its latest Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). During this inspection, the school was assessed on the achievement of pupils, including their academic development, and their personal development.

The top grading was achieved in both academic achievement and personal development, and was recognised as such from Reception to Year 8.  The ISI is the Ofsted equivalent for independent schools, approved by the Department for Education. This was the first inspection of this type for some time and the first under the school’s new leadership with Miss Buchanan.

Among the key findings for pupils’ academic achievements, the inspection team identified that The school is most successful in meeting its aim to enable the pupils to achieve their potential. Excellent outcomes for pupils are ensured through the school’s detailed and consistent use of tracking data to monitor levels of progress. Such monitoring enables teaching to implement effective and highly personalised interventions for individual pupils.

The report also stated that ‘Pupils are most articulate and in discussion they demonstrate maturity and a wealth of knowledge across the curriculum. This is strongly supported by innovative leadership which ensures that their experiences are exciting and varied. Pupils’ excellent acquisition of knowledge is further enabled by teaching that plans a range of stimulating activities.’

When discussing the boy’s behaviour and attitude to learning, the report highlighted: Pupils’ attitudes to learning are strong and promote their excellent progress. From the EYFS, pupils thrive through a learning approach which encourages them to develop initiative and independence At all ages pupils are enthusiastic about their studies and talk with gratitude of the support and encouragement they are given by the teaching.’

In the report, the quality of the pupils’ personal development was also excellent and, following a range of pupil interviews, the team commented on the pupils’ confidence and kindness: Pupils show complete engagement with the school’s code of conduct. They treat each other with considerable kindness and respect and the quality of relationships between pupils and adults is excellent.’

The report also stated that Falcons pupils demonstrate notable self-understanding and self-confidence: ‘Pupils are socially aware and so are able to work extremely effectively with others, displaying strong negotiation skills. They collaborate freely across the age groups and older pupils take responsibility through reading with the younger pupils and engaging with them at break times’.

Falcon Prep boys are proud of their school and are excellent ambassadors. The ISI inspectors also received very positive feedback from the parents’ online survey, who appreciate the school’s promotion of good behaviour, outstanding curriculum and excellent pastoral support.

School Governor and Chair of Alpha Plus Group, Mr Mark Hanley-Browne, notes: “I am delighted that the ISI inspectors have recognised the excellence of Falcons Prep Richmond. This is a tribute to Olivia Buchanan, to her staff and the hard work of the boys. Congratulations to all concerned”

Miss Olivia Buchanan, Headmistress, commented: “Whilst this outcome comes as no surprise to those within the community, we are thrilled to have our excellence and progress recognised. Our pupils continue to impress and humble me. It is clear from the report that our sense of community, focus on the individual child, and the enabling of pupils’ rapid academic and pastoral development are all operating at exceptionally high levels. It is a great platform upon which we can continue to build! I am delighted with the team’s findings, which are due in no small part to our supportive parents and all the staff in every area of the school.”


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