New Look for Falcons Prep Richmond


If you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been?! Not even a worldwide pandemic could stop us from launching this exciting development! Despite having to cancel our Summer Soiree, we were thrilled to be joined virtually by so many friends of Falcons!

We have a new logo, colours, uniform, website and prospectus (coming soon!).

What it all means…

At Falcons Prep Richmond, we believe we provide a very special learning experience for all our boys, an experience that can be viewed much like an adventure.
First and foremost, we are here as teachers and educators, but we are proud to do that in our own way. We explore together, encouraging curiosity and exploration. We aren’t afraid of having a go and trying something new. We do more than simply coach our boys – we take them on a journey that helps them grasp the learning opportunities in front of them. We ensure that journey is creative, engaging and innovative, allowing them to make mistakes and enjoy the adventure. It’s also about bringing their education alive so they are equipped with both the tools and mindset to develop as academically capable, self-confident individuals.

We have articulated what the new-look Falcons stands for in three key messages, which you will have seen in the video – click here.
These will not be immediately obvious in everything we do and say, but rather they provide the foundation for what we stand for:

1. Where an Education is for Life
It goes without saying that our focus is on academic achievement, but we believe an education should be about more than just outcomes alone.

2. Where Every Boy Belongs
Our responsibility is to understand boys as individuals, giving each of them the time, input and support needed to ensure they reach their true potential.

3. Where Learning is an Adventure
Our teaching is anchored in the curriculum but energised by innovative techniques designed to make the most of the pupils’ natural curiosity and appetite to explore new ideas.
Watch the Live launch (click here) to find out more about the journey we have been on and what the rebrand means to us!

Come and See Us
We may not be able to welcome you through our door onsite but that doesn’t stop us from being able to welcome you virtually! Please click here to enjoy an interactive tour of the school building, including some welcome videos from our staff!

We have now opened a waiting list for physical tours, so if you would like to put your name down and receive an invite after the summer holidays, please register your interest here!