Message from the Head


Some of you may have noticed my radio silence regarding the 6 Nations this week. It wasn’t initially intentional because I actually completely forgot what time of year it was and was waiting for another week to pass before the tournament began. But oh no, it started, I got comfortable on the sofa for much of Saturday afternoon and Sunday (I have to always watch the games at home so i can hear all the commentary!) but it wasn’t quite the start I was hoping for. Some fantastic rugby was played, showing determination, creativity, team work and composure. Despite a disappointing start for all the England fans out there, life goes on and another match (against my second home, Scotland) this weekend, will hopefully help us to regain some respect amongst the rugby world.

However, it is during defeat that we learn. I think this quote from Wendell Phillips is particularly powerful; ‘What is defeat? Nothing but education, nothing but the first step to something better’ – when we lose, or don’t get the outcome we wanted, we have two choices. We can dwell on it, let it eat us up, find blame in others or worse, give up! Or we can reflect, we can move on, we can ask questions and we can use it as an opportunity to grow and improve. Just like the England players, you have this choice too and it is only you who can make it.

While I haven’t been able to read as much of the ‘Book of the Month’ as I had wanted to (I blame the very busy week we have had at Falcons), I have been able to pick out a section from the book that I think has a powerful message. Now I know many of you have since purchased this book which feels me with such joy and I can’t wait to talk to you about it, so open it up to P.47.

“Mum says that the best books leave you with more questions than answers, and that that’s the fun part – you have to try and find the answers for yourself somewhere else. And Dad used to say that the more questions you ask, the more clever you’ll be. Because that’s the only way you’ll ever know more than you already do.’

Let’s hope Eddie asked plenty of questions during training this week!!