A Message from the Head


What a week it has been at Falcons Prep!

On Monday, we were delighted to welcome Sir John Ritblat, owner of Alpha Plus Group, and with the help of Ben E and George H we showed him all the fantastic new spaces and spoke about the changes over the last year. Sir John loves this school and having taught a couple of his grandchildren at The Hall and worked on a governing body with his son, he was delighted to catch up and hear all about our plans. He is a huge supporter of Falcons Prep and is as excited as we are about the future.

We also had some fantastic sporting events with boys winning on the rugby field and sprinting to the finish in the cross country. A number of year groups have been treated to trips to Richmond Museum and The Bett Show as well as Year 7 and 8 having a visit from distinguished politician Natascha Engel, who lead a fantastic session about persuasive speech with the boys leading a debate as to whether 16 year olds should be allowed to vote!

I am delighted to say that we have had a huge number of visits and registrations for the school in the last few weeks and are pleased that so many people are recognising the strengths of the school. If you know anyone who would like to find out more, or you have spotted the perfect spot to drop off a few leaflets, please do let us know as we have our next Open Morning coming up and we would be more than happy to share!

Now back to my book of the month. I am still engaged in so many fantastic conversations with the boys about this book and have had many of them reciting their favourite quotes to me. I just love this joint activity and ability to share and discuss something so simple. Last week we focused on some wise words from the mole about how we react to things. This week, we hear from The Boy;

‘I’m so small’ said the mole. ‘Yes’ said the boy. ‘but you make a huge difference.’

I think the message hidden here refers to how we see ourselves, more specifically, about thinking positively. In our assembly together this morning, I spoke about just some of the reasons why positive thinking is so important – click here to read more.


·         What difference do you make? daily? to your friends? to school? to your family?

·         Can you make a difference to someone’s day today?

·         What can you be more positive about?

I hope you have a lovely weekend and watch out for next week’s newsletter as I will be revealing my chosen book for February and I think it’s a good’un!

Weekly Focus ‘Respecting Others‘