Year 8 Post CE Activities


The Year 8 boys have had a fabulous time following their common entrance examinations. After a busy week away on residential, an exciting 3 weeks of activities followed until the end of their school years at Falcons Prep.

The majority of these activities were chosen by the Year 8 boys themselves. The boys highlighted what they would enjoy doing in order to demonstrate their independence and leadership skills. They requested to plan a quiz night, have lunch out of school, shared their desires for the leavers BBQ and requested as a project to create or design something themselves. They also thoroughly enjoyed teaching the younger year groups earlier in the years, and thus requested being teaching assistants for the younger boys. A few other trips were thrown in for good measure, including a senior school experience day at Tonbridge, volunteering at our School Charity ‘Skylark’, a visit to the National Archines, a trip to Thorpe Park and to an art gallery.

 These activities were designed to allow collaboration between the boys, to develop their leadership and communication skills whilst also continuing to build their team work and organisation.