Superb performance of ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ by the Falcons Prep Years 7 & 8 boys


It’s a tale of contrasting love stories. For Hero and Claudio, it’s love at first sight; but old acquaintances Beatrice and Benedick can’t see what is under their noses and must be tricked into admitting their feelings. The love built on new foundations crumbles when villain Don John tries to prove that Hero is a disloyal woman, whilst Beatrice and Benedick’s love is all the more strengthened by trying times. So, a lot of comedy and a brush with tragedy.

Year 7 and 8 worked incredibly hard to bring this piece of theatre to life. Developing a deeper understanding into Shakespearean text will sure be of great benefit to them as they head to their senior schools at the end of this year or next.