Month: September 2018


Year 3 Step Back in Time

As part of their History project, Year 3 boys stepped into the shoes of archaeologists and discovered artifacts from the Iron Man at Richmond Museum last week.

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Pupils visit Winchester Cathedral

As part of a study on architecture and the art of calligraphy, Year 5 boys visited Winchester Cathedral last week. Boys were given a guided tour of the cathedral and...

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Drawing from Nature at Kew Gardens

Year 7 pupils attended a drawing workshop at Kew Gardens  as part of their ‘Drawing from Nature’ Art project. The boys were also able to explore the gardens and visit...

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3 Generational Learning Kick-Started the New Term

Falcons Prep pupils kick-started the new term with learning new topics and skills as part of the 3G Learning days at Falcons Prep this week.  3 Generational Learning is the...

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