Prize Giving 2018


Prizes 2017-2018 

Congratulations to the following boys on their achievements:

 David Law English Cup
Samuel O

Senior Sporting Excellence Cup
Samuel O

Stoker Progress in Literacy Cup
Rory H

Shawyer Science Cup
Callum S

Lollesgaard Geography Award
Charlie SS

Drew Sharp RS Cup
Richard B

Modern Language Prize
Thomas W

Miller Latin Award
Jack M-P

The Walker Art Prize
Oliver T

Middle Art Prize
Lucas A

Junior Art Prize
Joseph P

 Junior Creative Performance Prize
Indiana G

Sayed Kumar Senior Music Cup
Benedict E

Junior Music Prize
Toby R

 Charitable Contributions
Josh C

Peter Earlam Manners and Courtesy Cup
Jamie B

Gus Baker LAMDA Senior Cup
Oliver V

LAMDA Junior Prize
Edward K-S

Junior Sporting Excellence Cup
William J

 Senior Endeavour Cup
Clement McB

The Tilley Junior Endeavour Cup
Scott M-L

 Tom Blackler Greatest Contribution to School Life
Charles B-P

Coker History Award
Charles B-P

Mathematics Plate
Niklas M

The Milne Overall Achievement Cup
Niklas M

Awarded by the form teacher for effort, perseverance, progress,                                            character and personal qualities.

 3C Alexander W
3S – Jamie F
4A – Amir S
4B – Thiago B
5B Alexander B
5W – Walter F-D
5F Daniel C
6B – Onno v K-B 6V – Max I
6W – Jack F
7G Louie O
7M – Artie D
8C – Alex C
8S – Dan F

House Shield Winners 2018 – Teddington House