Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly


Holocaust Memorial Day is the day each year when we remember the 6 million Jewish people who were systematically persecuted and murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Holocaust. So it was Falcons’ great honour and privilege to have Mrs Bea Green, as our guest speaker in assembly on Friday 26 January.

Bea was born in Munich in 1924 and had a very happy childhood until 10 March 1933, when Bea was 8 years old, and a brutal incident took place which would leave a lasting impact on her, her family and those around her.

The picture  is of Bea, the little orphan girl she was asked to look after on the journey and the 16 year old daughter of an opera singer who was forbidden to sing because she was a Jewess.


During our assembly Bea spoke about her family, the persecution and her personal experiences as a Jew in Germany during the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.

The journey that Bea went through in escaping on the midnight train from Munich to Holland and then to London, where the train stopped at Liverpool Street Station, was fascinating and had each and every one of the boys and adults present spell bound and hanging on her every word.

She was lucky to leave Germany by train on the Kindertransport just before war was declared, which brought unaccompanied children of all ages to the UK as refugees.